Winning the Insurance Sales Competition: Strategies for Success

In the competitive landscape of insurance sales, being well-prepared can significantly increase your chances of success. With the majority of consumers researching online before engaging with an advisor, treating every case as a competition is a prudent approach. In this guide, we'll explore effective strategies to win an insurance sale when facing competition from other agents.

Charlie Conron
January 30, 2024

What to Do When in Competition

Research the Market

To emerge victorious in a competitive scenario, it's crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of pricing from all insurance carriers in your market. Winning doesn't always mean offering the lowest price, but rather finding the best balance of price, convertibility, and underwriting. Utilize tools for research and communication to transparently present your clients' options, building trust by demonstrating a genuine interest in their needs.

Clearly Present the Ideal Solution

Effective communication of your solution's value is key to winning the sale. Given that 88% of people are confused about their insurance options, providing a clear roadmap makes it easier for clients to choose you. Create simple visuals to represent complex pricing data, becoming the path of least resistance for your clients and ensuring you stand out in the competition.

Educate Your Clients

Consumer behaviour is evolving, with clients seeking information from multiple sources. Provide a no-bias comparison of options, including your solution and competitors, in an easy-to-understand visual presentation. Illustrate that you've considered all angles, demonstrating that your recommendation is backed by thorough analysis.

What Not to Do When in Competition

Avoid Badmouthing the Competition

Maintain professionalism by refraining from criticizing competitors or their solutions. Instead, let the numbers speak for themselves. Use presentations to highlight risks and stress-test assumptions, ensuring your strategy is backed by data.

Don't Take It Personally

Recognize that clients are increasingly researching independently to secure the best value. Instead of taking it personally, proactively provide information upfront, making it interactive and engaging. This positions you as a reliable source and ensures you are the first advisor they turn to with questions.

Ask Your Client What Matters Most

Inquire about your client's priorities. You might be competing on price, but your client may value other aspects such as medical considerations or application ease. Tailor your approach to their specific needs, showcasing a bespoke experience that goes beyond just price and product.


To succeed in a competitive insurance market, equip clients with the information they need to make informed decisions. Utilize tools like Life Design Analysis to present information in a palatable manner. Keep clients engaged and educated, ensuring you are top of mind when they are ready to make a purchase. Remember, the less work a client has to do to obtain information, the easier the sales process will be, making it more likely they will choose you for their insurance needs.