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Tired of paying for leads that don't deliver?
Say goodbye to ineffective lead generation methods and discover the power of LDA LeadGen. Transform your website into a powerful lead generation tool and start capturing high-quality, tailored leads today! No more paying for each lead - LDA LeadGen offers a cost-effective solution for just $20 a month!

Unlock the true potential of your website's lead generation capabilities with LDA LeadGen today, learn more below!

LDA LeadGen

Turn inbound web traffic into prospective clients with the embedded LDA LeadGen widget. LDA notifies you of the opportunity and proves a tailored presentation as a starting point for conversation with your prospective client.

Capture Digital Leads

Stop paying for leads, and turn your website into a lead generation machine.

Easy Set-Up & Install

Get a custom token that is embedded directly on your website, No IT team required! Just copy and paste the HTML snippet.

Customize Colours - Match Your Brand

Prospects will input their information on a customized form that matches the branding colours of your site.

Custom Branded Reports in Seconds

Customize your report and select preferred carriers. You are notified immediately of a new insurance lead.

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