LDA is a complete solution for MGA's. Back office and Front office support to provide a wholistic solution.

MGA's and LDA

Empower your advisors with In-Force Policy feeds

Life Design Analysis has partnered with many of the top MGAs in Canada. Our goals mirror that of our MGA partners to uncover sales opportunities, attract and retain more advisors, automate compliance and make life insurance more accessible to consumers.  Our product offerings to MGAs and Distributors include:

- Business Development Team Accounts
- Carrier Partnered Sales Campaigns
- Global View of Insurance Business & Agent Hierarchy
- In-Force Policy Automation

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Our MGA Partners

Carrier Sales Campaign

A collaborative sales campaign between LDA, an insurance carrier and and MGA, we find opportunities in your advisors term business.

Analyze Your Block of Business

A Carrier, in your shelf of products, in partnership with LDA and your MGA makes servicing in-force block of business easier, more engaging and more successful for your advisors. We take the block of business from the carrier into LDA and search for opportunities for your advisors.

Automatically Generated Opportunities

Once your block of business has been analyzed, LDA will automatically create insurance opportunities based on custom triggers.
For Example:
Term 10 Conversion = Existing T10 in years 7-10
Term 20 Conversion = Existing T20 in years 15-20
Term Exchange = Existing T10 in years 2-5

Share Opportunities Directly with Clients

Insurance opportunities are distributed directly to your advisors, while still maintaining visibility for your business development team. This enables advisors to engage with their most critical opportunities to increase conversion rates and client satisfaction. Advisors can easily highlight the value of converting, exchanging, or replacing existing products to maximize your bottom line revenue.

Unlimited Support

Our customer support team is ready to help with demos, onboarding, tutorials, concepts, and sales ideas on our Help Page, Blog Page, and you can contact us at:
Email: info@lifedesignanalysis.com
Live chat: www.lifedesignanalysis.com
Phone: 1-855-268-2255

Business Development Team

Maximize the potential of your business development team (BD team) by equipping them with the tools they need to support your advisors. With our focused organizational view, your BD team gains unparalleled visibility into all the advisors in their region.

Through our advanced group sharing feature, advisors and wholesalers can seamlessly collaborate by sharing and exchanging opportunities directly. This streamlined communication ensures a fluid flow of information, allowing your BD team to facilitate more valuable insurance opportunities for advisors within your MGA.

Experience the transformative power of automation as our platform automates compliance processes, reducing the time required to put insurance cases together. Elevate communication, streamline compliance processes, and maximize the value of each insurance case.

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Organizations thrive with LDA


At our core, we believe that information is only valuable if it is both useful and applicable to your unique needs. No matter how your organization is arranged, we can adapt to your specific organizational structure and create a framework that best suits your requirements.

We enable you to have a dynamic view of your entire organization, including key performance indicators like opportunities created, face value of insurance solutions proposed, and generate insightful reports that drive actionable results.

Our commitment to your success extends beyond implementation. We provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure that your organization capitalizes on potential opportunities and continues to stay up-to-date with the latest compliance and industry best practices.

Direct In-Force Data Feeds

Streamline your operations and enhance your client service with weekly/monthly data feeds of in-force policies for your advisors.

‍With LDA's powerful capabilities, automatically generate cases for policies nearing renewal, ensuring proactive attention to each client's needs.

LDA's advanced algorithms will also help identify unassigned policies, empowering your MGA to take targeted actions that enhance customer satisfaction.

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LDA enables total communication in the life insurance industry

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