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LDA is a trusted partner to many of the top insurance companies in Canada. LDA works with carriers in many ways from in-force policy data feeds, policy automation campaigns, Ad-Tech and advanced distribution analytics. Carriers who utilize LDA gain a better insight into how their products are represented in the marketplace and are given the tools to move the levers in the marketplace to change outcomes in their favour.

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Who we work with

Accounts Canada Wide
Largest Canadian MGA's
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Independant Advisors

Carrier Sales Campaign

A collaborative sales campaign between LDA, an insurance carrier and and MGA, we find opportunities in your advisors term business.

Analyze Your Block of Business

A Carrier, in your shelf of products, in partnership with LDA and your MGA makes servicing in-force block of business easier, more engaging and more successful for your advisors. We take the block of business from the carrier into LDA and search for opportunities for your advisors.

Automatically Generated Opportunities

Once your block of business has been analyzed, LDA will automatically create insurance cases for your  advisors policies that fall under these opportunities:
Term 10 Conversion = Existing T10 in years 7-10
Term 20 Conversion = Existing T20 in years 15-20
Term Exchange = Existing T10 in years 2-5

Share Cases Directly with Clients

The purpose of the reports is to help your advisors engage with their clients and increase conversion rates on expiring term products. Proactive advisors can highlight the value of purchasing or converting at their clients current age, saving them money and adding to the value you offer. All our cases reports can be shared digitally via email or shared link with their clients

Unlimited Support

Our customer support team is ready to help with demos, onboarding, tutorials, concepts, and sales ideas on our Help Page, Blog Page, and you can contact us at:
Live chat:
Phone: 1-855-268-2255

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Starting at the end of 2022 we introduced LDA AdTech, a new and innovative way for insurance carriers to enhance their reach and impact when it matters most.

When an advisor searches for whole life, universal life, or critical illness products, AdTech allows carriers to strategically position targeted ads alongside relevant product listings, giving the ability to convey your message directly to advisors at the precise moment they are exploring insurance options.

With LDA AdTech, you can captivate advisors with tailored messages about your carrier, other insurance products, promotions, and more, right when they are making critical decisions.

With the launch of Policy Pod by LDA we are excited to be able to begin to offer ad opportunities within our podcast episodes. With sponsored episodes, engaging ad reads, and a multitude of creative possibilities, we provide a new avenue for carriers to amplify their presence and connect with a wider audience.

Contact us today to learn more about how LDA AdTech can revolutionize your influence during decision-making moments, and explore the exciting ad opportunities available with our innovative Policy Pod. Together, let's shape the future of insurance advertising.

Wholesaler Team

Unleash the potential of your wholesaler team by equipping them with the tools they need to excel. With our organizational view, wholesalers gain unparalleled visibility into all the advisors in their region, along with comprehensive insights into the cases they are actively working on.

Through our advanced group sharing feature, advisors and wholesalers can seamlessly collaborate by sharing and exchanging cases directly. This streamlined communication ensures a fluid flow of information, allowing wholesalers to facilitate more valuable insurance cases for advisors within your MGA.

Experience the transformative power of automation as our platform automates compliance processes, reducing the time required to put insurance cases together. Elevate communication, streamline compliance processes, and maximize the value of each insurance case.

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At our core, we believe that information is only valuable if it is both useful and applicable to your unique needs. No matter how your organization is arranged, we can adapt to your specific organizational structure and create a framework that best suits your requirements.

We enable you to have a singular, hierarchical view of your entire organization, and drive down into key performance indicators, like counts of cases created, face value of insurance solutions proposed, and generate insightful reports that drive actionable results.

Our commitment to your success extends beyond the implementation stage. We provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure that your organization continues to stay up-to-date with the latest compliance and industry best practices.

Direct In-Force Data Feeds

Streamline your operations and enhance your client service with direct, up-to-date feeds of in-force policies for your advisors.

‍With LDA's powerful capabilities, automatically generate cases for policies nearing renewal, ensuring proactive attention to each client's needs.

LDA's advanced algorithms will also help identify unassigned policies, empowering your MGA to take targeted actions that enhance customer satisfaction.

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Search, Analyze & Compare

LDA lets you mine policies, so you can search, analyze, and create custom presentations of the life insurance options available. Help your client make an informed decision, while making your life as an advisor simpler and more successful.

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Easily Access & Share

With access to LDA from any connected device, you can work on your phone, tablet, or desktop. You can also easily share presentations with your clients and gather engagement stats, including views, time on page, and more.

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Secure Storage

At Life Design Analysis, we don't take any shortcuts with your personal and client information. We follow strict encryption standards to ensure that anything you share with us, stays with us. Life Design Analysis is proudly hosted in Canada.

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AdTech Blurb Here

Let LDA do the heavy lifting by analyzing and ranking your block of business across all carriers.

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Some More About AdTech

Stay updated on key policy milestones with a comprehensive view of your in-force block of business - complete with notifications and policy automation

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Even More AdTech

Paired with LDA's illustration and quoting capabilities, LDA can automatically generate cases, streamlining your work and giving you even more time to focus on what matters.

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